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This device could save your life

Richard Aiken MD PhD

Is your nutrition, health, longevity, limited by taste and flavor?  Would you like to eat optimally but can’t because those foods have an unfavorable taste/ flavor to you? For less than ten bucks, and without any effort on your part, you can eat as you know you should!

Have you ever had a "cold" or allergies or otherwise a condition that reduces your ability to smell? Then you might recall not being able to taste your food; unlikely you would eat unhealthy high-calorie food under those circumstances. The ultimate weight loss device/ method uses that principle.

The device is marketed for holding the nose to keep water from entering the nasal cavity while swimming/ diving but produces the same effect as the cold/ allergy condition.

If you are not willing to try techniques such as this, are you really serious about weight loss?


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